CCSK Certification

Training CCSK Certification

CCSK certification is the most recognized in cloud computing security. It is based on best practices in information technology security in this domain. The course is intended for anyone working in network architecture, networking, IT architecture and information security.

Intelligent Security IT offers you a preliminary training for the CCSK Tunis, training to prepare for the certification examination Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) in cloud computing Security Alliance (CSA). This training will be offered for the first time in Tunisia. The turn-key preparation session includes the cost and the token to pass the exam on-line at a time convenient for the participant.


How can we ensure the security of information scattered in the "cloud"? This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of this major Cloud problem. At the end, the participants will have acquired the essential knowledge allowing to present themselves at the passage of the certification CCSK of the Cloud Security Alliance. The objective of the training session also is to pass the certification exam. The way of thinking of the CSA must be absorbed in order to be able to understand the questions.


  • Any person brought to perform the function of responsible information systems security: CISO, future CISO, CISO security engineers assistant, security managers in production.
  • Confirmed managers lacking the basic technical culture in IS security or who do not know the market players.
  • Any person required to act as a local correspondent for the security of information systems or a similar function.


3 days


Not defined yet.


With this certification you will be able to ensure a secure Cloud environment. You will develop techniques and get the practical knowledge you will need. You will learn how to create, customize and distribute images The needs of the company. Thanks to the different modules of Cloud Computing Security training you will be able to acquire the practical knowledge you will need to understand the reality of Cloud Computing and solve problems as well as find new solutions.

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