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INTELLIGENT SECURITY IT brings its expertise in the support and assistance to the project management of a architecture of the Secure Information System, addressing these different points :

  • Existing studies encompassing functional and operational aspects.
  • Technological and architectural studies.

Relying on a dedicated professional ensures mastery of your architecture and information system, INTELLIGENT SECURITY IT assists and accompanies you in the framework of :

  • Writing of books of expression of the needs of security (Recommendations and specifications).
  • Assistance in defining and improving physical security (access) in correlation with the population and the different types of defined security zones.
  • Training of employees, administrators, users and stakeholders.
  • The implementation of models (proof of concept).
  • The revision of the legal frameworks (IT charter, data confidentiality, regulatory compliance).
  • Implementation of a standard for naming and managing information system equipment (server, switch, router, etc.) in their life cycles (input / output of equipment) and their uses.
  • The implementation of procedures for managing the Service Level Agreement (Identification, Quantification, Qualification of Projects, Monitoring and Control).


The INTELLIGENT SECURITY IT project management assistance mission is to accompany you on :

  • Identification of information assets through a risk analysis approach.
  • Defining and implementing relevant priorities in your security plan.
  • The implementation of IS security policy (structure, evolutions, dissemination).
  • Communication and promotion of internal security policy…

INTELLIGENT SECURITY IT assists you by making available its know-how within the framework of the :


  • Multiple methods of analysis used (MEHARI, EBIOS ...)
  • Overall analysis of an Information System (structural, functional, organizational and operational)
  • Specific analysis within the framework of a project or a segment of an information system (eg securing an Extranet)
  • Study of the behavioral habits of users of the information system.
  • Risk analysis applicable to the information system and business applications.


  • Organization and enactment of safety precepts within the entity.
  • Implementation of operational procedures documents: security dashboard (TBSGSSI), definition of qualitative and quantitative criteria, reporting, life cycle management of security policies.
  • Security policy charters: help with the implementation of charters, document writing and updating, confidentiality and deliverables control.
  • Assistance in the implementation of Safety within the company: identification of the responsibilities of the different populations within the company ; Training and awareness of the different aspects of safety ; Support in the compliance and deployment of security policies.

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