Chief Information Security Officer

Training Chief Information Security Officer


The CISO training provides the skills needed to perform the function responsible for the security of information systems, namely :

  • Basic technical knowledge.
  • Organizational security.
  • State of standardization ISO 27000.
  • State of the security market.
  • Legal bases.
  • Methods of assessing risks.
  • Strategies for taking office.


  • Any person brought to the position of responsible for the security of information systems: CISO, future CISO, security engineers assisting a CISO, security managers in production.
  • Technicians who have become CISO, wishing to obtain a culture of management.
  • Confirmed managers lacking the basic technical culture in IS security or who do not know the market players.
  • Any person required to act as a local correspondent for the security of information systems or a similar function.


5 days


The first day (beginning between 1.30 pm and 2.00 pm and ending between 4.00 pm and 4.30 pm).


Lectures with many practical examples based on feedback from HSC and its clients, with practical exercises at the end of each important part. The course is a series of presentations by five consultants, each of whom is a specialist in the field he presents. The presentations are illustrated with concrete examples, drawn directly from the field experience of the consultants. Moreover, a strong interaction between the trainers and the trainees makes it possible to make exchanges more concrete, in correlation with the expectations of the trainees. At the end of each chapter that allows it, a practical exercise is carried out.

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