Lead Implementer ISO 22301

Training Lead Implementer ISO 22301

The arrival in 2012 of the international standard ISO 22301 brings a new dynamic to the practice of business continuity. For a professional in charge of PCA or risk management, the certification of ISO person is a most incontestable.

The "ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System" training is based on our course, followed by an examination by LSTI, an independent French certification body specializing in information security.
This training (five days) certifies the persons: the trainees who have met the conditions of the final examination are certified "Lead Implementer ISO 22301". The objectives of this training are:

  • The acquisition of the knowledge necessary for the implementation of an Information Security Management System complying with the requirements of International Standard 27001,
  • Learning through exercises and by applying a concrete case the technical processes of implementation of the Information Security Management System.


5 days.


From Monday 3 April 2017 to Friday 7 April 2017.


Firstly, those responsible for PCAs or consultants wishing to be ISO 22301:

  • Company RPCA
  • Manager in charge of PCA
  • Project manager in charge of a PCA approach
  • Consultant wishing to improve his qualification in continuity
  • Risk manager wanting to approach the continuity management system
  • CISO wanting to take into account the Continuity of activity within its perimeter
  • Responsible in a situation of control or audit aiming to understand the procedures for the continuity

In short, anyone concerned with business continuity, setting up SMCA (Business Continuity Management System) in a standardized way is interested in this type of training.


The fact of being certified imposes on this training specific requirements of rigor that we combine with our pragmatic spirit. Magisterial presentations in French, accompanied by paper documents in French, cover the compulsory points of the "management system" standard:

  • The review of the standard text on essential parts
  • les aspects typiques des "systèmes de management" : Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • les aspects propres à la Continuité d'activité inclus dans la norme

The presentation of Business Continuity as such is well understood in the course and takes a large place in the form of lectures in French.

Case studies in the form of tutorials or exercises are also planned on topics such as :

  • The "PCA" risk analyzes
  • The BIA (critical activities analysis)
  • The disaster response and its organization

Finally various quizzes are asked during the session to prepare for the final exam. Obviously the text of the standard is used in its French version (source AFNOR).

Do not hesitate to contact our experts for any additional information, study and free calculation of an audit service.